Groups Help and Serve Members…
Members Serve Al-Anon as a Whole

The secret to long-term recovery is service. Some members are leery of the word “service”; it sounds like a boring chore and “heaven knows, I’ve got enough of that!” It’s easy to work for your own piece of serenity, but more difficult to remember that Al-Anon would not be here today if thousands of people before you hadn’t given back to the program. It is Step Twelve in action that keeps us strong personally, and preserves the program of Al-Anon Family Groups worldwide.
On a personal level, service moves you beyond the 12 Steps of personal recovery, while applying the 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts  to your family, at work, and in the community…truly, “in all our affairs.”

There are many ways to give back, and there are no rules – each individual may give back in different ways and at different times, depending on their personal situation. Giving back can involve time, effort, utilizing a specific talent or skill, or a financial contribution. Any commitment to “give back” to Al-Anon is rewarded immediately with a greater sense of belonging, and in the end we receive far more than we can ever give.

Some tools to further your understanding of service in recovery:

Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual 2022-2025

Links of Service

Joy of Service

When I Got Busy, I Got Better

…to your Group

At the group level, service opportunities abound. These may be spontaneous such as helping set up chairs, clean up, or make coffee. More formal group duties include elected  positions such as Group Representative (GR), Alternate GR, Treasurer and Secretary. Some groups may have additional needs to cover, such as monitoring literature supplies or coordinating childcare.

Your home group is a great place to start on your journey of giving back!

…to your District

Groups in a geographic area come together as a “District”. Group Representatives attend District meetings and conduct the business of the local region, such as public outreach projects, supporting group needs, or planning Al-Anon related events.

Elected positions at the district level include District Representative (DR), Alternate DR, Treasurer, Secretary, Alateen, Literature or Public Outreach. Some districts may have additional duties to cover such as planning events or supporting an information line.

…to your Area

Groups and Districts come together for a larger region known as an “Area”. In Montana, the entire state comprises Area 32.

Elected positions in Montana include Area Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Area Delegate, Alternate Area Delegate, Alateen Coordinator, Archives Coordinator, Archivist, Forum Coordinator, Group Records Coordinator, Literature Coordinator, Newsletter Coordinator, Public Outreach Coordinator (includes outreach to institutions and professionals), and Web Coordinator.

In the spirit of “rotation of service”, elections for area service positions occur every three years.