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NEWS & VIEWS – The Electronic Newsletter of Montana Al-Anon Family Groups

News & Views is a free monthly electronic newsletter that provides up-to-date information to individual members and groups within Montana. If you would like to receive the News & Views in your email, subscribe by clicking on this link…

NEWS & VIEWS ARTICLES: If you have Al-Anon related news or views to share, please submit (250-word limit) by the 20th of each month. We also accept comments or suggestions…this electronic newsletter is just for you!

Sylke L.
News & Views, Editor


January 2020 Lessons in Service and Letting Go


October 2019 One Third of Montana’s Groups Were Represented at Assembly

September 2019 Does your group have a vote and voice Area Assembly?

July/August 2019 My Service Story by Pennie K., Area Chair

June 2019 Life on Life’s Terms

April 2019 Spring Assembly – A Spiritual Awakening

February 2019 Our Leaders Are But Trusted Servants

January 2019 New Year, New Newsletter


Assembly Results (11-11-18)


HOT!! HOT!! HOT!! (8-12-18)

It sure is Wet out there!! (6-19-18)

Spring Assembly Countdown – 10 Days To Go!! (4-18-18)

Spring Assembly – On Its Way (3-20-18)

NEW YEAR NEW YOU!! (1-17-18)


Fall Assembly 2017 – RESULTS (10-13-17)

Fall Assembly 2017 – UPDATE (9-12-17)

Fall Assembly 2017 (9-5-17)

Summer 2017 (7-13-17)

Spring Assembly Results (4-9-17)

Spring Assembly (3-12-17)

Wintertime 2017 (2-4-17)


Fall Assembly (11-2-16)

Fall 2016 (8-22-16)

Summertime 2016 (7-10-16)

Spring Assembly 2016 (5-15-16)

Spring Assembly 2016 (2-20-16)

Happy New Year!! Here’s to new Coordinators (1-29-16)



Strength & hope for friends & families of problem drinkers